Harli Jordean, the Youngest CEO, Sets World Record


Famous worldwide as the Marble King of Britain, the 8 year old Harli Jordean has been running his successful website MarbleKing for almost two years. Jordean sells tubs of some of the world’s best marbles at highly affordable prices. Born in Stoke Newington, London, Jordean is no different than the kids of his age who love playing around with friends, eating chocolates, ice cream and watching cartoons; however, the mini business tycoon spares time on purchasing stock, maintaining orders as well as liaising with suppliers.

Jordean says, “I like having my own company. I like being the boss.”

He has created his brand of marbles made in China and is expanding his business selling them through his website.The company is making more than thousands of pounds every year with flood of orders coming from different countries other than America.

Harli says ‘My dream is to have a chain of stores like Hamleys – it will be one of the biggest toy stores in the world but selling all sorts of marbles.”

Info Source: worldrecordsacademy.org