It’s Time to Quash Your Low Self-Esteem

Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Self-esteem is the reflection of your self-portrait and overall perception of your personality built from the life experiences. It is your overall self-appraisal about your own worth which you have formed in course of time while interacting with people, comprehending their responses towards you and analyzing your very own perception about the world.

Since you have the most intimate access to your self-image, you can rebuild your self-esteem at any point of time in your life and moderate your opinion about ability and worth. So let’s don’t fall for the rat race of life, thinking way too much about becoming the best. Lets’ identify the symptoms and causes of low self-esteem and uproot them.

Don’t ever utter a single negative word about yourself or nurture any habit that might harm your confidence

Trust yourself because you can do far better than you think you can. All you need to do is to start exploring yourself. The more you delve into your skills and abilities the more limitless it appears to be.

What happens when we are unable to solve a problem? We end up pronouncing the words, “I am such a fool”, “I can’t even solve simple things” or “I can’t do anything right”. These negative sentence are potentially harmful that do enough for underestimating your self-esteem and fueling your low self-esteem. A couple of failures can’t measure your ability. You couldn’t do a particular task because you didn’t spend much time on it. Or it could be because you tried it for the first time or were unprepared. By accepting your failures you drain out all the energy out of your ego and harness the power of your positive thoughts, ultimately leading to higher and healthier self-esteem.

Develop Fair Thinking About Yourself

Learn to love yourself against any reason, sorrow, and discouragements. Be confident and form a fair perception about your-self. Spend time to identify the source of your fear and anxiety, confront them with courage and love. You will end up uprooting them from the core. The more you eliminate fear and form positive perception, the more happier and productive person with higher self-esteem you become.

Don’t Fall in the Trap of ‘PERFECTIONISM’

If you worry about Perfectionism, it is an ultimate illusion and despair that traps you and leaves you unhappy and discontent. Nobody is perfect in the world, seeking for it will lead you to be nobody else. People who consider themselves ‘Perfectionists’ are guaranteed losers; they will end up doing nothing but running behind a never-ending process. Be somebody you love and are proud of; forget about those utters the contrary.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Take Care of Your Appearance and Maintain a Good Posture

How you look or present yourself reflects your self-conditioning. It shows how much you care and give importance to yourself. Neglecting your appearance or not maintaining a good posture will push your low self esteem even further and portray a negative story about you; therefore never let it happen. If you do not love, respect or give importance to your-self, people will never respect you. Learn to be energetic, vibrant, curious and gracious and let it reflect in your walk and talk; let people feel compelled to have a respectful look on you.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Comparison is another reason of low self-esteem. We often compare ourselves with people who we feel are better than us in terms of appearance, personality, job, or money. The very first reason why you should circumvent comparison is the fact that there will always be better people around. Secondly, the feeling will always make you feel inferior, which is directly related to low self-esteem. Also ignore if anybody says “you should be the best in your class”, or “you should be like your father.”

“Comparisons do ofttime great grievance.” John Lydgate