Jessica Cox: World’s First Armless Licensed Pilot

Patience and perseverance, fearlessness and a willing heart have it all what it takes to conquer the world. Together, they make difficulties disappear and compel obstacles to give way to opportunities. Jessica Cox is the best example to illustrate and follow. She is not only the first ever armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association but also a certified Scuba diver, internationally recognized motivational speaker and the world’s first licensed armless pilot. She flies all over the world with feet and does everything herself without accepting any assistance of others. Jessica has already visited 17 countries across the world and shared her life-affirming story with thousands of people.

Jessica Cox was born in 1983 in Arizona without arms due to a rare birth defect and therefore she started using her legs like hands – from taking bath, combing hair, putting and removing her contact lens, driving a car to typing on the keyboard. Her theory “Creativity+Persistence+fearlessness=Nothing is impossible” has inspired her to accomplish every impossible thing in life. She has completed her Bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and earned her pilot’s license in 2008 and on completion of three years of training, she qualified to fly a light-sport aircraft to 10,000 feet high.