Just One More Try Before You Quit

Image courtesy : www.freedigitalphotos.net

It was summer time. The parched land had a web of wrinkles all over its face. The old neem tree and its little one were having a chat. “Grandpa, this time our land mother has given up all the hopes”, said the young neem. The wise Grandpa said, “Let me speak to her”.

“What has made you so sad, mother? Didn’t it rain enough the last year? You provide water for us, but seem to have grown so old with worry. Please talk to me mother.” The disturbed land replied, “Only you can understand my plight, son. The seeds are in my womb, eager to come out of their cloaks and bury the roots of their love deep within me. But I have grown tired, waiting for the clouds to shower their joy on me. I think it won’t rain this year.”

“Think of your children who depend on you, mother. Please listen to me for the last time, do not give up your hopes. I won’t plead to you any more if it does not rain within a week.” Saying so the old neem tree returned. After a couple of days it started raining heavily. The land’s face was beaming with joy, with the wet leaves of the newly born crop dancing freely. The neem tree was watching her from the other end of the field. The land was thankful for having listened to the neem.

Did it ring any bells? Doesn’t it seem familiar with the situation, where we become helpless and are on the verge of giving up? Would you be reading this post if the tech wizards had given up their hopes while inventing, be it internet or a seemingly simple device as a monitor? Humans have progressed and achieved the impossible on this one thread of thought. Just one more try before you quit.

Look around: there may be someone in need of hope. Ask him not to quit, but hold on to the seeds of potential a little longer within. May be it won’t rain today. The seeds will be transformed into flowers: blooming flowers of success, wealth and most importantly, flowers of hope.