Sarah Prevette, Founder of Sprouter, a Platform where Entrepreneurs Raise Fund for their Startups

Sarah Prevette is a pioneering web entrepreneur who founded Sprouter in November 2009 as a platform to help young and budding entrepreneurs communicate with investors worldwide. As a young and emerging entrepreneur, she herself had numerous questions for which she could not find any specifically organized website or online community that could help her with the answers. She founded Sprouter as an online community as well as a resource center to help startup founders and investors connect with each other. The rapidly growing environment of Sprouter inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to connect, socialize and share their questions and tips on the platform. In 2011, Sprouter was taken over by Postmedia Network Inc.

Sarah has been named as one of the top entrepreneurs in North America by Inc Magazine. She has also been featured in various reputed publications that include Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneurs, The New York Times, Wired and many more. Besides, she is a familiar face in media for advising business start-ups as well as students; for she regularly appears in the Financial Post as well as BNN’s show “The Pitch.”

Sarah Prevette on Success
Sarah Prevette explains what success means to her (in an interview with, she says: “I’m not sure there is a definitive end-game success. To me, it’s about little wins every day and ongoing progression. Success is continually elusive – as soon as a milestone is achieved, it’s on to the next one. Personally, I want to feel like I’m contributing, having impact, and pushing boundaries.”