Self Refinement and Character Building

Self refinement of an individual encompasses the physical development, the mental acumen and a good emotional quotient. In our day-to-day life, we keep receiving sensory stimuli from the external world; we feel the stimuli through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. If the stimuli happen to be good they would do a world of good for our general well-being. If we see good things, our minds gets smooth and feels elated. If we listen to good music and spiritual discourse, we become tension free. If we smell the good aroma and fragrance of flowers like jasmine and roses, we feel rejuvenated. If we speak good things, we become self-congratulatory. If our skin is embraced by the gentle breeze, we feel as if we are on top of the world. Therefore, for our self refinement, we should always scout for the good vibrations and good external stimuli.

We often hear this from learned people, “you need to shun the qualities that impact your mind and body negatively.”
What are those negative vibrations that can impact our well being perilously?
They are: irrational desire, avarice, anger, greed, lust, attachment, pride, ego and jealously. All these qualities normally put a spanner on the wheel of our development. Thereby our growth is retarded. So, it is imperative on our part, for self- refinement, we need to get rid of the bad qualities.

For attaining peace of mind, we need to learn to live in tune with nature. The peace of mind relieves us from the perils of stress, strain and tension that we encounter in our day-to-day life. Furthermore, we need to have a spiritual attitude towards everything in life. The spiritual attitude has the power to kill our ego and can free us from all worries and burdens. For self improvement and self refinement a spiritual outlook is essential which will teach us on how to take life as it comes.

Many of us lack a spiritual outlook about the purpose of life. In due course of time, we realize that external stimuli such as envy, avarice, hatred and anger are akin to lightning which can damage our peace of mind. For self refinement we need to explore the various means and ways of protecting our mind and psyche against the lightning effect of bad qualities and thoughts. We should have a confidence that nothing in this world can impact my mental equilibrium and equanimity of our mind.

For self refinement, optimistic thoughts are paramount. If we fill our mind with positive thoughts, we can harvest positive results in our endeavors. Negative thoughts are Frankenstein monster in our lives and it will bring us down to the abysmal level.

Exalted thoughts would take us to the highest pinnacle of our lives. For attaining refinement in our lives we should have a broadmindedness, and indulge ourselves in philanthropy and charity. We can get spiritual bliss by extending help to the have-nots. The pleasure of giving to the downtrodden is immeasurable. So, every one of us should contribute to the welfare of others. A noble person only has the noble thoughts to care for others.

Love for god and love for others is the corner stone of self refinement. Refinement of self should emanate from within, for which some good qualities such as righteousness, selflessness, are needed. If a person becomes a refined individual with his good qualities, he is really well-armed to face the battle of life. If we have all the qualities to become refined human beings, we are bound to become successful and prosperous.

So, let us all aim for the refinement at personal level and make this world a better and livable place for all the world’s populace.