Story-telling is one of the most powerful tools to empower your life which can heal others’ lives as well. Everyone has something wonderful to spread around and if you believe in sharing goodness of people of all walks of life, spreading your great wisdom to better the world at large, we would love to hear from you.

Sharing knowledge and wisdom has helped mankind evolve as an intellectual and prolific class, the process that is directly related to our existence on earth; therefore it is in vain that you have acquired knowledge and you haven’t imparted it to others. Collaborate and improvise the circle of ‘pays-it-forward’ to contribute your impactful bit by sharing significant insights through inspiring, spiritual and enlightening stories that energize and enliven the receivers (readers) around. And receivers try doing the same! Do it to feel as a leading contributor, coaching and accelerating the best strategy to achieve your own goals and support others to accomplish theirs if for no other reason.

Give something back as a candle loses nothing by lightening others. “Keeping knowledge erodes power. Sharing is the fuel to your growth engine.”

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Things to consider before Submission

1. Writing must be unpublished, unique and original.
2. Success Stories will Keep the Copyright of the content and once published it shall not republished without the prior consent of the publisher.
3. We have zero tolerance against plagiarism.
4. Do not expect us spending hours on your content. There is no harm in reviewing the content before you finally submit.
5. Stories can be submitted for the following categories:
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Motivation
c) Personalities
d) Life Lessons
e) Technology
f) Personal Success
g) Career Success
h) Rags to Riches
i) Self-improvement
h) Young Achievers
i) Young Entrepreneurs

For other categories, please contact us on our email.