The Infinite Power of Positive Thinking

“Being positive or negative are habits of thoughts that have a very strong influence on life.” Anonymous

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A study conducted by Howard University shows that on 85% occasions, positive approach enables people to secure suitable jobs in place of knowledge or intelligence. Usually employers see the positive thinking of those whom they are going to hire. Only on 15% occasions jobs are fetched due to intelligence or knowledge. The people, who watched the famous movie “Three Idiots”, can easily imagine the interview scene when Raju is offered a very good job on his desired salary regardless of the fact that he had below average grade. When our thinking is positive we feel there is no lack of opportunities. On the other hand, those who nurture negativity feel as if the world has shut the door to them. They keep on finding favourable conditions which never come. Before coming out for a drive they wait for all the lights to turn green but it never gets possible.

No opportunity ever returns. Second chance can be better then the first one or inferior to it, but it is never exactly the same. A decision matters less, what matters is the time when it is taken. A seemingly small decision taken at the right time makes a lot of good difference but some of the most thoughtful decisions taken at the wrong time can result into big casualty. Mohammad Bin Tuglaq, the famous king of Tuglaq dynasty is known mainly for his good decisions that came on wrong time and caused destruction.

Some of the organizations get more success than the others. Why? All the boys working on the petrol pumps (gas stations) don’t become Dhiru Bhai Ambani. What was special in Dhiru Bhai was his positive thinking that encouraged him to take on emerging opportunities and kept him going. He went on to creating a massive business empire thus becoming one of the eminent persons in the history and economy of India. Gulshan Kumar started his career from Krishna Juice Corner in New Delhi but in less than 15 years he evolved into the Gulshan Kumar – a multi-millionaire. He could achieve the impossible due to his positive attitude. Mahashay Chuni Lal, the founder of the famous spice Company MDH started his business by opening a small shop. During partition, his son Mahashay Dharam Pal left Pakistan and opened a small shop in New Delhi. Through sheer determination and hardwork, he established MDH as India’s biggest spice producing company; the company is considered to have the net worth of some billions. All the three incidents show that ‘Riches, mediocrity and poverty begin in the mind’.

Positive people don’t think as common people. They think in a different way. They are the biggest asset in every organization. They always look for the better side of life. They always see the destination; never the obstacles coming their way. They are never satisfied with petty achievements; they are always in the thirst to achieve bigger.

It depends upon us that how we take our failures. According to many scholars, failures are the stepping stones of success. For an optimist, failure becomes a ladder to success while for a pessimist it becomes a hurdle for his next task. The writer of famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napoleon Hills says,
“Every problem brings with it an equal or bigger opportunity”.

Thomas Alva Edison got 10,000 failures before he invented the electric bulb. When some one asked wasn’t it very difficult to go through these many failures, he replied that he did not learn only one way of making a bulb but also learnt 10,000 ways through which a bulb can not be made. Once when the laboratory of Edison burnt due to some chemical explosion, all the people showed sympathy to him but he seemed unfazed. He said to his followers it was a good incident as all his previous mistakes burnt in this explosion, now he could start his life afresh and within some weeks of this incident he invented gramophone. Many a times when all the players of our teams play positively, they defeat the world class teams but when they play defensive, they usually taste the defeat.

In Bible, there is a story about David and Goliath. Goliath was a giant. He filled the mind of all the people with his fear. One day David, a 17 year old shepherd came there to see his brothers. He was curious to know what made people fear that giant. He was told, “The giant is this much big that he can not be killed”. He spoke, “Why don’t you take it positively? He is this much big that no shot aimed at him will go waste”. Afterward David killed Goliath.

Positive thinking is a virtue that blesses a man with success. Like the rule of energy, positive thinking can neither be created nor destroyed. But there are many factors that affect our positive thinking and decisions. In day-to-day life, if we happen to meet positive people and exchange ideas, our positive thinking gets fostered. Likewise, if we surround ourselves with negative people, we start developing hopeless perspective about life and the things around. Our social and political environment also affects our self-esteem and positive thinking.

Positive thinking produces great results right from the beginning till the end. An optimist starts his task with great enthusiasm and takes it to a great height. Even before starting he forms a clear goal in his mind and follows the right path towards his destination. W. Clement Stone had decided his goal of life in his early years. He wanted to change the world and wanted to make it a better place for the forthcoming generations. For he put his heart, soul, time and money to teaching people the very things that weren’t being taught in schools and colleges.

A positive thinker can be recognized easily and even from a thousand of people. The motive of such people, regardless of what background they come from or job they do, remains the same – to make this world a better place. Such people inspire others to live a better and purposeful life.

Positive thinking multiplies the productivity of an organization. It develops the team spirit among the employees and helps them solve mutual problems. It reduces stress and helps them develop the sense of co-existence.

Negative thinking itself is an obstacle in the path of success. It decreases the productivity of people as well as organizations. It hits on the courage of people and keep them from doing creative and innovative things. Negative thinking is just like a communicable disease that spreads faster than air.
A person suffering from negativity does not want to learn from his mistakes. In fact, he blames others for his failure. A negative student, when fails in examination, gives excuses such as ‘the paper was difficult, it was out of syllabus, it was lengthy and that the marking was not good’. While a positive student accepts his inability and resolves to work harder the next time.

Man is the maker of his destiny! It is said that we are the creation of God and we have all the qualities of God. We can do seemingly impossible tasks and solve the most complex puzzles. Our mind is the finest machine of all. It can do anything you want it to do. It can open the door to the limitless opportunities and is capable of awakening millions of people. All it asks you is to keep nurturing it with positive thinking.

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