The Nuggets of Personal Success

Everyone in the world, irrespective of one’s social status and caliber aims for success in life at personal level. We can quote many examples from the history and contemporary world for the attainment of personal success which requires objectivity, valor, grit and perseverance.

Helen Keller

1. Disability can’t Keep you from Success

Helen Keller, a born blind, deaf and dumb achieved great fame by creating awareness among the masses on the need to help out the unfortunate souls. She proved that blindness, deafness and dumbness do not necessarily impede one’s growth and achievement. She established her missionary organizations across the globe. The establishment of social service organizations itself is a personal success of Helen Keller which did not let her handicap affect her achievement. She had a clear vision and objective and proved that physical deformity or deprivation can not be a deterrent for achievements.

2. Endurance always Fetches Dividends

The world No.3 in badminton Saina Nehwal of India is a classic example of personal success. She bagged a Bronze Medal in the recently concluded London Olympics. The personal success of Saina Nehwal is a great consolation for the medal-starved Indians. Her determination, hard work and honest devotion continues to take her to the pinnacle of success.

3. Hardwork and Humility Result in Success

The former president of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is another classic example for personal success. He had a very simple and humble beginning in his life. His father could not earn much and Kalam assisted him from early childhood. On completion of school, he distributed newspaper. He had his academics in a little school in Rameshwaram, a coastal hamlet then, and scaled the greatest heights in his chosen field and attained the position of the first citizen of India. The personal success of Dr.Kalam is celebrated as the personal success of every Indian.

4. Personal Success of Sachin Tendulkar

Of course, the game of cricket is a team sport but the very name of cricket makes a flash of the name of Sachin Tendulkar. In a career that spans over two decades, he’s broken several world records and is the only player in cricket history to score 22,000 runs. As a child, however, he was mischievous and had bullying tendencies. This was the only reason why his elder brother introduced him to cricket, just to keep him disciplined and busy. Can we imagine how difficult it must have been for the little Sachin to stay focused and disciplined?

5. Poverty and Penury led Steve Jobs to success

The founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs struggled for his survival soon after he dropped out of Reed College. He slept on the floors of friends’ dorm rooms, collected water and soft drink bottles for food and went to serve at a local Hare Krishna Temple every Sunday just to get two square meals. The struggles and sufferings taught him to toil hard and continue nurturing his innovative thoughts. Having no financial support and place, Jobs founded Apple in his friend Steve Wozniak’s garage. Born to an unmarried couple, Jobs was given away for adoption when he was barely a couple of weeks old. Poverty compelled him to discontinue his studies as his adoptive parents could not manage to send him semester fee and living expenses. His deprivation forced him to think out of the box which eventually led to the inventions of Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad.