The Power of Focus


We all know that if we concentrate and focus our efforts and energy on a particular thing, we end up a success. A small play thing that almost every one of us has done can be an example for this. That is ‘the power of focus’. Remember, what happens when we allow sunrays to pass through an ordinary lens? The light point that falls on the other side has the power to burn the piece of paper and wood. This clearly demonstrates that when the efforts are pointed towards a particular object, the end result will be astonishing, always a success.

Anyone who had lived in Mumbai has encountered the Dabbawallas, the army of about 5000 and odd white clad men who have been delivering lunches throughout the sprawling city, from homes and cafeterias to the work spots, everyday for 1254 years. Apparently, it looks like a simple act, but the Dabbawallas has become so proficient that they have achieved an appreciable status in the delivery of 200’000 lunches per day. They accomplish their task with a razor- thin sharpness. It has been found that, the chances of mistakes are one in six billion lunches. It is a testimony to the power of focus and constant improvement.

Lately, they have been focusing on the usage of smart phones, the internet and raw forms of fast food. They adopt new technologies to stay focused always on their commitment of delivering lunches correctly on time. In this fast- paced world, the ability to anticipate and adapt to the competitions is becoming increasingly essential determinant of winners and losers. A winner always stays focused!

In the corporate world, major companies like IKEA in furniture, Scania in trucks and automobiles, Amazon in online retail business, Asian paints in painting and coatings adopted such a unifocal approach towards success that they accomplished triumph in the respective fields.

In the recent ODI in Kochi, the team India defeated the powerful team England. The victory was made possible, because the team captain Dhoni focused his efforts and his team mates efforts only on the point of success.

When Steve Jobs returned as CEO of apple, he could found that absolute non- essential corporate activities were impediment to the progress of the organization. He eliminated them. Then he focused on the simplification of four major products which led to the phenomenal growth of Apple across the globe.

After the attack of the twin towers and the other defense establishments in the early 2000, the US armed forces and security. So, no security lapse has happened in the US interesns for well over past decade. This is an ample- example for the power of focus. The US mariners and security forces focused their intelligence and energy on the elimination of Osama Bin Laden and accomplished their task. Such is the power of focus.

Mother Theresa focused her compassion on the poor and downtrodden. So, she was able to establish her missionaries of charity across the globe. Her noble gesture has been relieving the miseries of millions of people across the world.

Anna Hazare focused his efforts towards eradication of corruption in India. So, he has been able to awaken the masses against corruption. Such is the power of focus.

So, let us stay focused on good things! Let us use the power of focus for the betterment of humanity.