The power of Love and Self-Fulfillment

Power of love

All of us seek self- fulfillment in some form or other. However, a greater percentage of us try to attain it through material riches – power, possessions, name, fame, money and success. As a result, our pursuit of seeking and yearning for self- fulfillment never ends.
Love is the only energy which can make you feel fulfilled. To attain fulfillment, you need to love what you do, the other way round, you should do what you love. It is pertinent to understand that you should love your work, love your difficulties and failures, and love the bounty of differences between you and your boss. You should see the difference with the energy of love. You wont be needing an off from your routine chores; for, the work itself becomes leisure. There, you will feel self-contentment.

A successful and a self-contended person loves people ‘the way they are’ and can motivate them to work hard and reach the pinnacle of achievement. Success radiates success and success begets success. If your mind is filled with love and compassion, it can motivate others in a loving manner. Love always motivates others to perform and succeed in their endeavors. What happens when you pat your pet dog lovingly? It reciprocates its love just by wagging its tail. Success born out of love and motivation always soothes our mind and heart.

At the peak time of civil war in America, some soldiers accessed Abraham Lincoln and said this to him in panic, “Sir, we have enemies surging towards us and we need to get rid of them”. Lincoln replied “you need not annihilate them. Instead, annihilate the animus in them. That itself amounts to annihilating our enemy”. Convert the foes into your friends. This is the power of love. Lincoln continued his commitment to turning his foes into friends. Love can calm down anything in this world.

In the present scenario, due to some internal politics, there may be internal enemies in your organization, who would plan to sabotage your progress by hook or crook; instead of being worried over the conspirators, learn to love them. They are bound to fall in line. The whole process revolves around love which leads to self-harmony. Your unadulterated love would notice them realize their flaw and in reciprocation, they would start loving you.

Right perception:

In this world, there is nothing that can give the power of direct and right perception and right understanding other than true love. You should never resist your perception. Your likes and dislikes should not be allowed to impact your perception. Ans to set your perception right, you must learn to love others. When you try to protect and safeguard what you want at personal love, you are not free to see others objectively; your likes and dislikes keep them aside and you see others through the prison of love.

You can understand and appreciate others only when you see them unbiased, exactly the way they are! To understand ‘what is what’ you should never let your interpretations, prejudice, and preconceived notions interfere your perception. Self-importance and ego would lead you to perceiving others with personal slant and you’ll end up being a snob.

True love is not limited to self-love. Self-love excludes and discriminates others, whereas True love is always inclusive. When you exclude the ‘other’, you are in conflict and confrontation with the ‘other’ and in turn you contradict your own-self that leads to chaos. When you exhibit your true love for others, your positive energy encompasses them and they start sharing your compassion. Love abounds the environs around you.

In an organization, team spirit and collective responsibility and a sense of togetherness can be nurtured with the power of love. Likewise, in personal life, you need to learn how to bring in love as the basis for your work and relationship with others. This should be your real goal. With love, when you do things from your soul, you feel the river of love flowing in you.
From this back drop, let us march ahead in reaching the materialistic and spiritualistic targets. Let us fill the world with love. Let love rule the world. Let us enjoy perennial love and Celebrate our love for all.