Things that Crush Creativity

Silliness of Terminal Busyness

Sinking into deep down of the chronic busyness in the name of ‘dedication to accomplishments’ can be a threatening choice. It will suck you and chase to head towards the edge of empty life where you reach after several times of hobbling over the stones. What really aches is that in the pursuit of productivity, you take solace in busyness that actually undermines the creativity. By the time you finally confront, you either become willing to live through it or have already spent couple of dozens of years with the same kind of suckness. Busyness is the production of your vague fear of wasting time in doing nothing.

How to know if busyness has gripped you?

Your response to “How are you?” or “How is your life going?” is “Very busy schedule” or “No time to think of other things except work”

The thought of tomorrow’s task pokes you in the ribs and knuckles you in the head throughout the night.

You restrict the conversation peripherals of busyness and prefer spouse, friends or people around you to be busy.

Blockade of “I am not Creative enough”

People are creative because of their lack of fear, limitless courage, faith in their slow but steady steps, irresistible desire to accomplish their passion, and flexible behavior to adapt to change. The more you torment yourself with spontaneous conviction “I am not creative”, the more spiritless and dull you become. It is wholly under our conscious direction of what to choose – you can either let the strong sentiment of “tied-down-with-non-creative-feeling” haul you up or outshine the previous with “uploaded-feeling-of-being-innovative” and emerge as a wiser being.

‘Fear of failure’ syndrome

Why do we fear failure if we can use it in every possible way to succeed?
‘Fear of failure’ syndrome is an alarming lack of discretion that how we use failure in every way to succeed – it’s failure you take lessons and learn wisdom from; build confidence on; set your direction straight; create the foundation for a new level of understanding for a better life and it is failure you accumulate your courage from. Isn’t a shocking disregard for failure that transforms your wish ‘I could have been’ to ‘I am’ in reality? Is there any necessity of such objectionable impulses towards failures left?

Trapped in self-imposed limits

Self-imposed limits are destructive and often more difficult to overcome. They not only causes poor performance but also affect the key ingredients of creativity ‘CURIOSITY’,’AUTONOMY’, ‘MASTERY’, and ‘PURPOSE’. Limit is a fence in the face of creativity that never lets you go beyond and emerge no richer person with affirmative knowledge.

Q:Why some people accomplish so much while others don’t?
A: Because they visualize their dream, break the limit, broaden the possibilities and strive with all their might regardless of the circumstances in life.
Try shifting your focus from ‘limit’ to possibilities, you will find there is no limit to human imagination, capacity and wonder; it was just your choice to draw a border to disconnect yourself with what you actually wish to be.

The folly of over-enthusiasm and over-excitement

“Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.” Henry Ford

Enthusiasm is the sparkle that drives you to conquer everything but over-enthusiasm or over-excitement is the folly to wisdom and takes you to the death knell of creativity. In the bubble of over-enthusiasm you feel to be packed up with thousands of innovative ideas brimming up but when they burst you realize that seemingly creative ideas were nothing but hollow. So stay calm and relaxed!

Discouragement from negative people and critics

Negative people contribute with their every bit of guts to stop you from taking affirmative action; instead, they try to dominate you with negative crap and beat your optimistic tongue. So make your consent so strict that their external influences and manipulative tricks can do no harm to your internal ones. They themselves are unhappy, frustrated, trapped and diminutive with low self-esteem and what is more horrible is instead of getting out of their negativity they influence people to be negative.