Think and Become

We are the product of our thoughts which determine the greatness of distinction and ultimately bring success for one and failure for another. All our happiness and suffering, weakness and strength, morals and principles, that we create are unalterable by the external forces as well as the people around.
We often feel astonished when we encounter several surprising success stories of people with mediocre talent who thrive and accomplish outstanding success. We have numerous instances of benevolent people and their dedication and devotion towards the betterment of society. Such instances pose questions to ourselves: “How come some people achieve so much success regardless of their humble beginnings or can be so benevolent towards other people?.” “What’s their secrete?”; “what motivates them to keep going in life?”.
Everybody has distinctive ways of living, different principle of dealing with problems of life, and different ways of perceiving the things around. However, the people we are talking about are the ones who learn to listen to their inner-self and initiate actions accordingly. A great majority of people never feel the urge to broaden their horizon and keep nurturing narrow thoughts and beliefs throughout their lives; while some of them dare to explore new and innovative things and consistently thrive by positively modifying and lifting up themselves with the changing situations.
We have a common psychology of thinking that the poor or weak is supposed to live the same way throughout their lives but we should reconsider it. When somebody is considered to be poor or weak, it’s only because they feel this way. At any point of time, they can change themselves by sowing the seeds of desire, strength, self-reliance, love, and gratitude.

It is significant to track what is going on in our mind and which thoughts are prominent. Whether positive or negative, we need to learn to control them instead of being controlled. When we have the complete power to control, manage and change our thoughts, we can accomplish more than what we have planned for us and can encourage people around to be positive and strive for the better in life. On the other hand, nurturing negative thoughts mean pampering your ego and preventing you from sowing the seeds of your preferences. Focus nurturing the plant of your own thoughts which is going to give you the fruits of happiness, strength, self-reliance, and independency. Once the plant turns into a mighty tree, it’ll offers shelter fruit to thousands of people. The sense of being complete and content make us benevolent, rich and the happiest person. Swami Vivekananda says, “You are the creator of your destiny.” So we must not forget that our condition can be altered by us but not by anybody.