Tips for Businesses: Ten Easy Ways to Be Green

Go Green

So, you’ve done all you can at home to recycle and be kind to the planet and now you want to incorporate some greener ideas into the workplace?

Before considering how to reduce your energy consumption, make sure that you’re on the right tariff for your needs. If you’ve recently moved to new premises, you may not have even switched over to a better price plan yet. Now is the time to do it if you haven’t. Be sure to compare tariffs online and sign up to the best one for you – British Gas business energy offers some incredibly competitive rates, so make sure you compare all the options.

A great way of monitoring your energy consumption is through the installation of a smart meter which can help to show you your usage in more detail. While smart meter engineers were one of the energy careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago, nowadays they are essential in ensuring that these invaluable pieces of kit for the home and the workplace are in shipshape condition and working flawlessly. Combine these meters with keeping up to date with meter readings and your business will always benefit from accurate bills rather than the estimated alternatives.

Now all you need to be concerned with is reducing the amount of energy you use as a business so that your bills are less and the environment is happy. Luckily, there are plenty of practices and ventures that you and your staff can implement to reduce your consumption, substantially affecting your bills and giving you a greener outlook.

• Turn off lights at the end of the day

• Turn off all equipment that can be turned off

• Use light motion sensors in areas that aren’t always used, such as corridors and bathrooms

• Use timers on lights and appliances that ensure they’re turned off during off peak hours

• Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to optimize the usage of natural light

• Close them at the end of the day to retain as much heat as possible

• Don’t obstruct radiators with furniture

• Turn the thermostat down by one degree

• Open windows instead of using the air-con

• Try to be as paperless as possible and recycle the rest

By incorporating these ventures, you can save a huge amount on your business energy bill while also doing your bit for the environment. Chat to your staff and get them on board for a greener career choice.