Which Came First? Was it the Egg or the Chicken?

Who can answer this question perfectly? No one! Right? There is an unending dilemma associated with this question. There is an illusionary outlook on things we see. The aspects which confuse us or leave us in bizarre are the true senses of real vision. They carry the original concept.

Sometimes I get lost into the abstract paintings I happen to see in few places I visit like hotels, malls, and few houses. One day I happened to stay in a hotel room for the purpose of giving training for Biology teachers in Warangal. The room I was given had four paintings on all the sides. I lost myself into them till the midnight and was searching the real concept of the paintings. This gave me a new flow of perspective. I took out my scribbling pad and started writing the possible concepts of the paintings I have seen. Every time I wrote a concept, it led me to the other contrasting part of the first written concept too. This was fun. I laughed at myself when I thought “if some one looked at me doing this would certainly think I am nuts.”

But while I dotted my findings and perceptions, I discovered a new truth that whatever we see might not be what we assume it to be! Various angles of life and its chirping variability sounded in my ears. A new veil was rising before my eyes. Yes! This was the power of every possibility and truth I discovered that night.

The next day, my class went fabulous and I could discover the real strengths and weaknesses of Biology teachers I trained up. My broadened perspective gave me a magnificent out look into the motivational break trough’s I should inculcate in them.

The class turned fun filling and I could shatter their pre conscious assumptions and beliefs against the educational system and the way they dealt with kids.
It was a land mark training I gave. The following years sent me with currents of motivational sessions. I included motivation as the main part in giving training to my co-teachers as a resource person.
Now I start my every session with a question and end up changing the perspectives of the people.
It makes sense when we try to look into things beyond all rationalism. Nurturing the theme of wide perception in our lives has its own advantages.

The patterns we set:

We have lot of assumptions regarding life and its sequences. We fail to see the ubiquitous facts. The experiences we face leave some or the other sort of indelible impressions on us which we carry life long in the journey. This bans the real facts to enter our minds. We are happy and satisfied with the notions we hold on till the end.
But check once, if the patterns we have set regarding many aspects of life are correct or not. Pertinently and relatively, we might need some change in the patterns we make to shift to a more comfortable life style.

The enriching perspective:

Completely bottom out the perspectives you own till now. As if you are cleaning your wardrobe or a file closet. See if there can be new matches or combinations. Dust every bit of the mind and vacuum clean it with fresh thoughts.
Look out for the love, care, forgiveness and compassion whether they are set in our patterns or not. Societal mingling is a must as it is said, “Man is a social animal.” So, these things help in easy moving and maintaining good connections. This enriches our very own living and others lives too building relations and aids in the more enriched success.

The chicken and egg question- keeps this always in mind:

Nothing is going to cost you or degrade you when you try to compromise with a decision or get accustomed to a new norm, provided it does well in all means.
We often stick to our own ideas or rules and blissfully keep ourselves in ignorance though there comes a chance to explore new arenas. This kills the prosperity and blocks the new hatching eggs of future.
There is nothing like we are correct and others are wrong and vice versa. The thought, the idea, the norm, the rule…whatever, depends on the context of the situation. The one that does well or throws you forward in a meaningful venture can be taken up in anyways.
The flight of success should take its wings from the roots of the human living. Leave the suspicion and confusion. Take the flight and touch the skies. Nurture the eternal tranquility in your soul.

The power of perspective:

Test yourself today. Look into a situation or concept from different angles and jot down your thoughts. Drift away from the patterns you’ve set. Concentrate on thinking divergently. Explore new thoughts, reach new heights! And always remember….” Our perspective means a lot!”