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Kayla Montgomery, the athlete with Multiple Sclerosis

“As long as I’m running, everything’s fine,” says Kayla Montgomery, the athlete with Multiple Sclerosis

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”                                                                                                               – Bo Jackson Kayla Montgomery, a resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US, is the eldest daughter of Keith and Alysia. As a young …

Shubham Banerjee: The Inventor of Braille Printer

12-year-old Indian-American student from Santa Clara, California, Shubham Banerjee has invented portable and inexpensive braille printer Braigo using a Lego Mind storms EV3 kit for the visually impaired people. The printer will be retailed for …
Rohan Agrawal

Rohan Agrawal: 12-year-old Robotics Genius

Twelve – is such a brilliant age of ‘Pretty Monsters’ to feel immersed in the most exhilarating moments and be overwhelmed on the battlefield of Masty (enjoyment) but this self-taught wunderkind Rohan Agrawal is stuck …