10 Life Lessons to Learn from Trees

Without trees, life on earth would be inconceivable. They have been thriving for millions of years and have helped us evolve as one of the smartest creatures on earth. They are not only key to our existence but also teach us some of the priceless life lessons: How to deal with difficulties and yet stay quiet, patient and flexible; face challenges courageously; steal happiness in every season; endure pain and loneliness; live life happily no matter what comes in the way; keep the steps firm; and rise steadily and wisely to the top of the world.

“Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence.” ~Alfred Billings Street

1. Embrace the Humble Beginning


Even the mightiest trees that stand tallest don’t ever feel intimidated to grow up from a humble beginning. The great, tall, sturdy and strong Oaks have once been little Acorns.

Beginnings are quite often a bit untidy where we all are little nuts; but it is the humble and messy beginning from which we evolve as illimitable superior spirits with the genuine desire to grow up in the face of overpowering might of the adversary. Trees tell us to have a ‘NERVER GIVE UP’ attitude in most desperate and chaotic times; indulge in the quest for wisdom to stick to the truth; have courage to fight against the harshest hit; and develop a valiant heart, ready to strive and stumble but get up and win.

2. Keep growing even if you are left alone with limited resources

Trees grow up solitarily even in the most deserted areas to live one gifted life to the fullest. They grow in the deepest down of the ocean, in desert, on the highest peak of a mountain, and in extreme weather conditions.

Several occasions come in our life when we have to fight solitarily. Even the nearest and dearest ones turn their back, leaving us all alone. At times, we get the urge to quit and give up on our dreams. Trees tell us to have faith in ourselves and keep growing with whatever we have in our hands. It says, “nothing can defeat you if you don’t shrink at the time of trouble; instead, gather enthusiasm from miseries, your conscience will only approve of the positive conducts and all these will be reflected in your courageous-self and you will keep growing.” Grow regardless of intense difficulties, roughest weather, hardest places and heartless circumstances.

“Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.”Winston Churchill

3. Don’t let the extremity win over you


Trees have to fight against the external dangers and enemies throughout their lives; storms break their branches, hurt their roots and different parts, snatch their leaves and push to death; yet they grow older and glow riper; yet they remain green in heart, stunning in the peace and wise in silence.
They are exposed to be badly hurt for lifetime. They fight the drought, avalanches, diseases, and thousands of tempests, wild storms and floods by standing still. They show a strengthening essence to live and teach us strategies to fight against the tyrants and win. There must be something special in never, never and never giving up. Give it a try and certainly you will experience a heavenly pleasure living in the world of your dreams.

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”Dolly Parton


4. Have a heart like trees and learn how to be grateful to the ones who have ever helped you. Trees love us selflessly, they grow, fight against adversities and dedicate their whole life serving humankind who planted them ever. But instead of expressing our gratitude, we cut them down insensibly.

They are one of the greatest resources of the Holy Mother Earth and the most gracious and faithful company. They offer shelter, delicious foods and beautiful life, give us fresh strength by purifying air and teach us wise lessons to live a happy and motivated life. They serve humanity in every possible way only to return our single help of seeding them. Today, we have distinct sympathy with nature – we no more feel their pain when we tear their leaves, no more hear the scream when we chop them down, no more hear the part of their joy when the wind is high- which leads us to accomplish the most shameful acts such as deforestation and our own destruction.

“We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved.”Unknown Author

5. Learn how to enjoy every moment of life.

Trees are magnificent when it comes to rob the joy of life. They rob the spills of sunshine, drench in the heart-felt silver drops of rain, tremble when the wind sweeps through them, dance the in remarkable summer and swirl, weave, and toss their branches in glorious courage in spring. Their happiness is never ceased in front of lifetime difficulties and the songs of life never end.

Problems and difficulties are inevitable part of life but they can’t stop us from stealing the very moments of happiness without our conscience and consent.

6. How strong is your root and value system?

Trees have very strong and broad root systems. Trees like mesquites have extensive root systems and can even go hundreds of feet down into the ground to reach the source of water and grow higher and stronger and touch the sky.

Your success and wisdom of life depends on how extensive is your root system and how solid your principals are? Are they firmly embedded in your values that guide and show you the light when most significant decisions are made?

7. Short trees with weaker roots are destined to die

Some tree grow fast with the providence of nature and never grow with strong desire. Neither can they stretch their branches towards the essence of life – sunshine – nor grow their roots extensively deep down the earth. As a consequence, they die sooner without making a mark. Young and small trees have to grow by taking inspiration from the taller, stronger and old trees.
Never let the people with low self-esteem, small dreams, lazy desire and short vision ever wander around you. They themselves are small, how will they help you to vision further their reach?

8. Trees make the earth the most charming place

Trees make the world an imaginary and delightful place to live. They are essence of our existence; they heal our aching temper and tedious days and complicated, chaotic and dreary life most exhilarating by decorating and enhancing our surroundings landscape with their majestic and eternally refreshed beauty.
We can also make our surroundings most beautiful place by flourishing and nourishing our inward beauty. If we never squeeze our heart in scattering love, spreading the wisdom, helping others grow their dreams of others how beautiful place the world would be. We have got one life without warranties but we have possibilities to make best of it by creating the planet a happier dwelling-place for our next generation if not for ourselves.

9. Grow so tall and big that you can offer shelter to several people

Photo: University of Nottingham

Have you ever experienced taking shelter under a tree? It not only offers a peaceful rest but also sets everything for our delightful state of mind and entertains and serves its guests. It provides cold breeze with leaves, sweet fragrances from flowers, quiet hours to have perfect relaxation.

10. Live life wisely and leave the wisdom and virtue so that others can make best use of

After serving us for years trees die leaving its useful body to be used for a variety of purposes. The leaves decay and provide minerals to other trees around and the woods are used for creating shelters and furniture. It tells us to leave our virtue behind so that others use it to enrich their lives.