A Full Meal for just Rupee One? Brahmbhog Project Makes it Possible


Today while most of us struggle with the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, imagining a full meal for just rupee one sounds next to impossible. Fortunately, there are some generous people who’ve been serving a full meal to the underprivileged for just one rupee. Mr. Anil K Monga is the Chairman of Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust under which the Brahmbhog Project began its journey in 1996 to eliminate hunger besides giving a message ‘Sharing is Caring’.

It’s been 18 years since Brahmbhog project has been selflessly serving a hygienically prepared lunchtime meal at their premises for the betterment of the society. They evaluate individual’s background who come there to have food so that only the needy reach there. Besides proving foods, it is also promoting awareness about the significance of child empowerment, education and some other social welfare concerns. Several families have been benefited by this charitable project.

Anil K Monga believes in assisting deprived section of society to grow up for the social welfare for which he began Brahmbhog project and it is apparent when he states, “On the one hand all the sectors including the agricultural and industrial have tremendously expanded and improved but on the other hand these developments have hardly helped the hardships like as hunger, poverty, and poor health care anyway. When half of the people enjoying all the luxuries in developing countries the other half are still deprived of the most basic requirements of life.”

The trust has started the Karma Hospital which provides affordable medical services and the money it generates is used for the other philanthropic causes. Anil runs another project called Margdarshan which runs in partnership with the American India Foundation to educate and empower the Indian youth and enables them to pursue rewarding careers.

Anil K. Monga Chairman - DBC Trust

Anil K. Monga
Chairman – DBC Trust

This year, the trust is launching Heavenly Palace, which has all five star hotel facilities. Once completed, it will house hundreds of senior citizens and provide them with a worldwide standard of living and the luxury of a palace. Divine Dreams is another project in the pipeline that aspires to develop as an orphanage in which the elderly will have the opportunity to edify young children, and in turn, these children will bring smiles to the elderly.

To donate one can visit their website: http://www.dbctrust.com/