How to Banish the Fear of Success

Fear of Success
Yes, the post’s title may seem out of place, but fear is a living fact which keeps many individuals from achieving it.
How are success and fear associated?

Let’s discover it together.
Social situations: However independent we try to become, we cannot overlook the fact that we are social beings. We can function effectively when all units in the society work in co-operation. Every society is always in a flux, as it is a living entity. In such situations, when we think of success as something stable and permanent, social cataclysms can make us feel insecure. We think we may lose friends and relatives on achieving success. How can success distance people if they really understand you?

Money matters: When success is decided on the basis of having lot of bucks, being afraid of losing money is a major fear worrying successful individuals. “Why earn money only to lose it?” “More and more people may come asking from money. Why be successful?”

Our culture: If right from childhood you have been fed “success is greed”, “money is poison”, “help others and don’t think of your own success” and so on, it is nothing more than an eye wash. On the contrary you can help someone better when you can offer them something. And we can offer only when we ourselves have it. Simple, isn’t it?

Why you couldn’t lock up the fear
“I see how the fear is keeping me from succeeding. Can I stop it?” It keeps coming back. Look around for the bad programmers – those who constantly keep feeding you with “why you won’t succeed” or “how the situations around are going to change”. Don’t ignore them. They may be working free for you. How? You can test what they say. If there’s a flaw on your part, you can fix it.

Often we create our own fear. By imagining and thinking about everything we come across – the last read novel or the latest box office hit – without examining whether it is really worth or not and we waste our energy. Check whether you are thinking about things you can never act upon.

Understanding fear – Don’t run away
You can hope that you won’t fail. May be you can imagine being successful. That’s good. But the great requires action on your part.

The best solution which works is to face the fear. It often turns out to be just a thought. Not a fact. How can thoughts affect you if you don’t act on them?

“What if my fear is a fact?” That’s great! Take that just as a failure detector system.
We are all working towards ever-lasting, permanent success. Is it factual or another ideal? It is no longer a philosophical talk that uncertainty is the only certainty. Success is a small event in this field of ambivalence called life. Look around and discover that even seemingly giants have collapsed over the course of time.

Success and fear don’t go well together. If they do, then success is nothing more than an accident. Whether fear succeeds in paralyzing or you attain success, the eventual decision is always yours – you can let the fear work for you. Well, it doesn’t ask for a paycheck!

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