KONY 2012 Becomes the Most Viral Video Ever in History

Kony 2012 is a 30-minute documentary film that was built to draw the attention of international community to a Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony who has captured thousands of children to insatiate his gruesome purposes. The video has become the most viral video even in history with over 79 million views on YouTube, as of 15 March 2012, and over 17.5 million views on Vimeo. In total, KONY 2012 has got over 100 million views and tops the chart of the most viral videos ever in history. Following is the chart of the most viral videos ever created by Visible measures.


The documentary film has been created by Invisible Children, Inc. and highlights the miserable condition of the Invisible Children used by Kony for guerilla wars, slavery and prostitution. The film has been directed by Jason Russell, and edited by Kathryn Lang (lead editor) Jay Salbert, Kevin Trout, and Jesse Eslinger. The film vivdly demonstrates Kony’s guerrilla warfare strategies with his Lord’s Resistance Army as well as their targeted areas including northern Uganda, and South Sudan. The purpose of this film is to spread awareness about the terrible abuse and murdering of innocent children in the East and Central African countries and also to get help to break his evil leadership by arresting him.

Infosource: mashable