Live Like a Falcon! 7 Life Lessons to Learn from this Magical Creation of Nature

Falcons are incredible creation of mother nature that symbolize living a ‘Mighty Life’ full of agility, perseverance, patience, wisdom and unbeatable spirit. They are seldom dominated by the forces of nature nor do they fear adversity. They spread their wings and face difficulties with grace, ease and courage. They build their nests on the edge of a cliff, raise the young falcons with compassion, educate them with all necessary skills and set them free to live on their own. A Falcon teaches us some of the effective strategies to live a better and principled life and for centuries it has been symbolized with the feat of success.
The bird is often called the ‘finest flying machine of nature’ that can fly at an incredible speed of 220 miles per hour.

Stay Focused

A Falcon’s eyesight is extremely sharp that makes it to be the best hunter bird. It can identify its prey while still flying hundreds of feet up in the air. Within seconds, like a lightning bolt, it strikes and kills.
A Falcon’s incredible eyesight is nature’s wonder and it has mastered the skill of staying focused on a specific target and grabbing the opportunity the moment it heads its way. Its focused mind triggers new ideas, unwavering determination, energy and concentration which altogether enhance its performance.

Identify and grab the opportunity

While we wait with all our skills for an opportunity to come across, falcons look for it with the determination to find it anyhow or to create it anyway. They don’t sit and mourn over the failed attempts of finding the food; they can fly for hours and days looking for prey. To them, failures are part of life and learning lessons that help them evolve as a hunter.

“Opportunity is often difficult to recognize; we usually expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards.” ~William Arthur Ward

Don’t be afraid of struggles

Their life starts with struggle and ends with it. After living the hard but righteous life they die with the glory in their eyes for living the life on their own, not regretting on trivialities and handing down those lessons to their young ones. They are far more desirous to live a tumultuous life than looking around for a safe heaven, a life with no struggle and no glory.

Fly High (Take help of the Wind)

A Falcon can foresee a forthcoming storm and can fly extremely high in the sky leaving the storm down on its arrival. The storm, which is sometimes so powerful and disastrous, can hardly affect or beat its courage and resolve. A falcon tells us to face the problem and rise above it. The more you try to escape the bigger it becomes. Face your problems with courage and determination and see how small they become in front of you. They can cause no harm to you until you permit them to do so.
A falcon also shows that no governance, rules and legislation can limit its courage and patience.

Be Agile

Ever wondered what makes a falcon to be incredibly fast and agile? One of the reasons could be they have got no leisure time to devote for something else. They spend all awake hours flying high in the sky. Apart from their amazing agility, they are master of controlling their movements. They fly tirelessly for hours in search of prey; they remain alert to trap it in lightening speed. Failure in judgement about distance and speed become suicidal and they surely die. Agility helps them to have a wonderful control over their speed. Our life is no different from them. The only missing thing is “self-control”. We all run towards our goals but seldom focus on mastering the maneuvering skills.

Keep on going even if you are alone

Most of the time, a falcon lives a solitary life and they never regret being alone. They have no time to waste on such trivial things when they have one tough but precious life to live. On the other hand, a great majority of us keep complaining about the lack of opportunities and support. Can’t we just focus on making ourselves strong and live life the way we want?

Size Doesn’t Matter

A Falcon is a considerably small creature to the difficulties it comes across every single day but its courage to face the troubles and challenges makes it the strongest.

Falcons can be cited as the best example that teaches us to ignore the extreme urge that initiates us to give up. No problem or challenge can be bigger than your courage! One can conquer anything with sheer determination and courage. Regretting about your size is just a lame excuse; all you need to do is start believing in yourself and focusing on your strength.