A Lethal Journey Towards Enlightenment

Ajay Singh

Terrestrial circumstances in the existence of mankind are the basis of evolution, innovation and incarnations that navigates our life according to our tendency to achieve the spell of excellence. After the death of my parents at childhood, when I was mentally assassinated by my patron, the potency of my spirit always encouraged me to explore beyond the inherited system of mankind, and that always helped me to survive from frustration and agony. Always, I trusted and honestly respected my relatives as a true patron but I have been always badly treated by them, only because they were afraid of my tendency towards the potentials of pen, which would help me to ask them to return my properties. Thus, I couldn’t even enter the premises of any recognized primary school. It was only my spirit that defined my mind perplexed in mazes of frustration, to neglect the Gun and Money power and approach the graces of literature to achieve my goals within peace and solidarity. Still I am struggling on my way…

Whistle trading on footpath, while searching out a proper solution within peace and solidarity, of the complexities of my own life, I found the entire existence of mankind suffering in an intangible mazes of terrestrial bliss. Working as a labourer on footpath for rich and poor, among atheist and theologians, I saw them all perplexed to fulfill their own desires for opulence (splendour). Here I found the roots of evolution, innovation and sins, hidden behind intention and imagination, separating the existence of mankind in religious and political boundaries, creating outskirts according to their own inherited system of thoughts and genetic nature. Now my own problem emerged as the problems of entire human beings and my goal was to achieve a comprehensive solution that would be unanimously accepted by all. To uproot the basis of the complexities in the life of human, I began to explore beyond the genetic nature and the inherited system of thoughts of mankind, following both the scientific insight and the theological definitions on the basis of ethnology. Right up from the origin era of human beings on Earth.

Without the graces of literature, our science or theology are not potential enough till yet, to bring changes in our inherited system of thoughts and genetic nature for character developments. Actually, we are existing in a dynamic process of Nature and all the incarnations of Gods had determined many definitions to evolve on the basis of peace and humanity, according to its contemporary needs. But at this current period, growth of our evolution and innovation have exceeded its views beyond the potentials of revelation, targeting the goals directed to terrestrial bliss against the natural process and this is what are the lethal aspect of our inherited system of thoughts. Our attitude and attributes had always utilized whatever we created, neglecting the dark aspects of the creation and that is what we mean is our genetic nature.

As we are seeking safety with nuclear weapons, after the rise of science and the fall of spirituality, we will have approached the graces of literature as same, for character developments to bring changes in our inherited system of thoughts that separated by religious teachings, culture and traditions. Science is a creation of mind and revelations are the potency of our spirit, so I have tried to define both the basis of our existence in my creation entitled Agilia: Mother of all Sins. It is designed as a method of new spiritual information, to secure the safety and morality of our future generation that would perpetuate the basis of peace and generosity.

This creation includes all our theological definitions in one idea, following the history of mankind within scientific insight. It is an experiment with English literature, creating shortcut of story telling to save the time of readership. I have converted a philosophy into fiction, straightaway revealing the true facts of the majority of the believers using the God teachings to fulfill their own desires, instead of following it for philanthropic purpose. Though our religious definitions are different from each other, but the meaning is same. Here our tendency to use the God teachings for beneficence prevents the perception of mankind to trust the other religion which they do not follow. Ironically they do not have any other options to explore beyond their inherited system of thoughts and that’s the main obstacles on our path to peace. Thus I have tried to bring all our God teachings in one idea as a character that reveals the true facts of the value of our devotion in our existence, by his conversations with the character of Nature that appears in various embodiments of motherhood. The main view of this creation is to break the religious boundaries, without disgracing the belief of any mankind, for character developments that would secure the safety and morality of our future generation. No doubt, as far our science has gained its excellence our spiritual graces have fallen down bellow to its dangerous point. So there is no any other way for the world community to perpetuate the basis of morality, without creating a method of new spiritual information according to the needs of this current period, such as this creation.

Triumph or fiasco is useless words for the honest efforts with a philanthropic view. Triumph of this creation means we are looking forward for peace and solidarity. Its failure is enough to prove, the time is still on its way to evoke the entire human being on path to peace and the lethal aspects of our scientific achievements are evolving beyond our spiritual potency. After all, I have done my job as far it was possible for me. Now it’s the liability of the world leadership in ministry and of all the intellectual communities to appropriate these principia of this new spiritual information among public at large to perpetuate the basis of peace in existence of human beings.

I am not a trader of any religion or a preacher of any sect. I have always been far from professional politics, so it is easy to imagine about my success. Till yet, I have only achieved degradation and agony for my self and frustration with loads of loan for my family, only because I am living among corrupt administrative system at my native place. But I am satisfied with my efforts; I have created a method for the world community to survive from the lethal attitudes of mankind leading us to an unnatural end.

  • Bonnie Roberts

    Ajay Syngh, I think your goal is beautiful, and it is uplifting just to know that someone believes that the division of religious beliefs can be overcome and can be seen as one idea, one God. I have always said that if I had been born in India, I would have inherited my parents’ beliefs of either the Muslim or the Hindu (and I’m sure there are others I don’t know). If I had been born in Japan, I would most likely follow the teachings of the Buddha, even though Buddhism is not considered a religion, but a way of “being.” If I had been born in Utah in the U.S., I most likely would have chosen the beliefs of my Mormon parents. I think most people in the United States who are Christian do not understand this idea at all. Or not very well. And, perhaps, the fanatic of any religion believes their religion is the “only” way to God. What I believe is that there are an infinite number of roads to God, because God is Infinite. God is not small and cannot be locked away in a box. But how do you plan to change this idea in people? I have worked my whole life to make a difference in this area because I feel it is the source of so much of the world’s grief, strife, and horrible suffering. Only a very few have listened. I would love to know your plan, Ajay Syngh! If there is a way to create more peace in the world, and less hate and killing–Oh, I would try that way, as long as there is no violence involved. I am a pacifist, and believe that violence begats more violence and peace begats more peace. I have just responded, I know, to just one very small part of your outstanding essay or blog here. I will return to read more. The human spirit needs to be fed. In the West, the spiritual is misunderstood and is not “spiritual” at all. American, by far, are more concerned for things and prestige and power, than they are for taking care of their own people. This breaks my heart. To live here today, with some exceptions, of course, is to live in a spiritual wilderness. Money, power, greed, corruption–these are the main course of many’s lives. There are, of course, those “salt of the Earth” people who seek to become better people, to learn to love, to learn to give to others, to share with others, to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. However, the culture as a whole, especially in the political realm, is “me, me, me!” “I will take care of me, and who cares what happens to you, as long as I am well-fed, have a big house, several cars, etc. and the power to run the country using my power through my money.” These people hurt our spirits so badly. I think this is what I have, so far, heard you say. I am in complete agreeent that the things of the spirit have to come before the physical comforts and securities of the wealthiest. I have not meant to write so much. Just know that the goodness of your heart is deeply appreciated and respected.

    • Ajay Singh

      Thanks Madam,

      Lot of thanks for encouraging me. You are right, it is difficult to define the mind and spirit of mankind straightaway, because it is enthralled in mazes of their inherited system of thoughts that leads them towards the mazes of terrestrial bliss. It doesn’t means where we have born, whats our religion or what do we mean by our culture and tradition. Everything depends on the genetic nature of mankind. But just as our desire rises high, our spiritual potency falls down below to its dangerous point, that brings intolerance in any community or sect and converts our God teachings into a subject for terrestrial use that disgraces the belief of mankind.

      I have tried to explore beyond the gentic nature and the inherited system of the thoughts of mankind to reveal the true facts of our existence in my creation entitled ” Agilia”. After following all our religious teachings and the history of mankind on Earth within scientific insight. It appears in short form of literature, that designed to secure the morality and safety of our oncoming genaration. Please once review it, you’ll get the meaning of what you are trying to understand or what do we need to perpetuate the basis of peace at this current period. I am waiting for your response. Thanks

      Looking forward for your kind response