Have You Found Your Way?

Have you found your way?

Have you ever wondered what makes an ‘out of box’ idea or a creative person? Is there a secret ingredient that goes into making the right mark in your life? Sometimes we realize that our achievements until now are not what we were seeking. What is the missing factor that will make us feel complete? In the present world, brimming with opportunities and career options, what will fulfil our life beyond making a living? What transforms an ordinary boy, fond of playing with forms and colours, into a legendary artist or a curious boy into a brilliant scientist?

The fact is that these individuals have found the right medium to express their thoughts and feelings. Why do some individuals feel at home in the company of mathematical equations while others dread them; or think of a painter who is at peace living with colours?

When one is through with the technicalities of any medium of expression what remains is the boundless joy of creation.

When one fails to find the right channel to express one’s view of the world, he or she becomes more like stagnant water – dull and lifeless; while that which flows, sparkles with joy.

We are always trying to bind expression in a rigid frame. Research is often carried out in universities on the works of individuals who have learnt things the less formal way. What an irony! Isn’t it like looking at the finger pointing out and missing the beauty of the moon.
While earning a living is important for our survival, but is that all we strive for all our life?

A florist once went on a vacation to his native place. He was doing well in the city, with his network of clients growing day by day. His bouquets were in great demand at the parties of famous businessmen and celebrities. While walking along a trail he discovered tiny wild flowers swaying freely in the breeze. The whole beauty of the much neglected little flower dawned in his heart. His perception of beauty changed planes of thought. When he returned to the city, after a couple of days, he started making floral arrangements using natural materials like beautiful dried patterned twigs, leaves and little wild flowers. His creativity received praise from all over the city. Many tried to emulate him but none succeeded. He had found the medium for expressing himself.

Such simple events that shape our life are often ignored by us.
The medium or the channel of expression need not be the ‘normal’, ‘all-appreciated’ or ‘accepted’ one. Every medium or channel has its own flavour in which it communicates with us. Usain bolt found it in his sprint; Steve Jobs found it in his drive for excellent designs for Apple products; Warren Buffet found it in his investments. The list goes on.
The question remains unanswered, have you found you way?
Write to Success Stories if you’ve found one. Share it with people. Let them learn from your life experiences.