How Black Holes Keep You From Success

Graphics: S. Heramb

Wait! Please do not close your browser window. This post is not about the stars and planets.
It is about you.
If you are among them, who have left no stone unturned and haven’t found success, you have missed out a few pebbles.
If not, then bookmark this post. Unfortunately, you may need it.
Each day has limited hours. Our strength is limited. Shouldn’t we use these resources wisely? Each individual has different resources and diverse views on what is a resource. But here are a few things that are consuming your resources, without you probably noticing them.

1) Habits: Do you crave for that extra cup of tea, coffee, that popular energy drink or an extra serving of your favorite dessert? Naturally the question arises, what has this got to with my success? Try listing such habits, if you have any. To quote an untraceable author, ‘Water takes the shape of its vessel’. Habits shape us. Success is but an outcome of habits. Have you chosen your habits? Emotionalligence may help you.

2) Communication Technology: Fire, money and desire. What do they have in common? They are good servants but bad masters. Yes, a lot more can be added to this list. Add communication technology first. It plays a role in nearly everything we do. Do you communicate when you are driven to or because communication has become easier and cheaper? This article might help.

3) People:  “Should I avoid people?” It would be the last thing one can think about. Why do we fix the leaking faucets? They drain out the water – one of the most neglected resources in the world today. But how much damage can a dripping faucet do? Try this and think it over.
Do you spend more time worrying about others opinion or fighting over trivial matters? Are you spending all your time pleasing others? Do the people around you really understand your aspiration?

4) You: Have you fallen in love with what you know or what you are? That could be a serious issue. It is like wanting to travel the world without leaving your home. Give this a thought.

5) Success: One is often lured by the trappings of ‘Success’. Is it making dull, the passion for your work?
Share with us about more such black holes you have escaped from, in your life.
A passing thought, the untraceable author quoted above is me. Do we ponder over things not said or created by ‘the-famous-men’?