Twelve Apparently Small Choices that Affect your Everyday Life in Great Ways

Small Choices in Life

Success and greatness are not predetermined or curved into providence by strength; it is built by a series of apparently insignificant choices we make every day. We should never ignore or neglect those small choices that make big difference in life.

1. Getting plenty of peaceful sleep

Adequate sleep is a meditative state where your soul submerges in quiescent period to nourish wisdom and takes you to an infinitely superior state of life. It enhances your concentration, memory and mood, strengthens your immune system and helps you make better and informed decisions. Scientific studies conclude that in profound sleep your brain checks out and filters all the impressions of the day, which is a very significant process of memory formation. The brain cleans up the debris between memory and cells and hormones act differently and altogether they shape up your overall personality and perception towards life.

2. Taking two or three naps if necessary

Naps have several benefits ranging from restoring alertness, reducing the higher risk of heart disease, heightening sensory perception to increasing memory and making you more creative and productive. Great personalities including Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, John D. Rockefeller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and many others would take several naps throughout the day to keep going on.

3. Following a Disciplined exercises routine

Disciplined exercises routine is the best antidote to overcoming stress and blues of days and weeks besides having significant impact on boosting energy level, controlling weight, improving sex life, overall health condition, mood initiating effective brain function and more. If you have difficulty in sparing even moderate chunk of time in your restrictive daily routine, just try to be more active throughout the day in your ways to reap the benefits of it.

4. Eating well is good for your physical and mental health

Good nutrition is essential for our mental and physical health but how you eat and which foods you chose play significant role in keeping your grey matter happy. With the changing lifestyle, intake of our processed foods, fats, sugar, alcohol and additives has become higher and at the same time fresh, green leafy vegetables, healthy nutritious foods have taken a back seat in our life.

Research states that brain-healthy diet not only reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes but encourages proper blood flow to the brain. Like the heart or any other organ, brain requires the right balance of nutrients to function well. Therefore chose your food wisely.

5. Loneliness is dangerous

Loneliness is a downward spiral that pushes you down towards the motion of barrages of unnecessary depressing thoughts which negatively impact your body, especially the immune system. Research says that in loneliness world around you become the most dangerous and threatening place to live in and such thoughts raise the circulation of stress, initiate different kinds of infections, and increase blood pressure thereby increasing the chances of heart attack, stroke and many other illness. Nurture your relationships to make life more interesting and live worthy.

6. Sparing time to walk in nature

Nature is extremely therapeutic which helps you with spiritual, psychological, and physical well being. Regular walk in nature can fill you up with tremendous positive energy that strengthens your disposition, stimulates mental acuity, and increases calm and relaxation. Spending time with nature, breathing fresh air, watching curvature of trees, and different shapes of floating clouds and listening to the chirps of birds have significant effect on our overall physical and psychological health. One can even explore gardening to improve the quality of life.

7. Deciding not be afraid of big picture or getting overwhelmed by their intensity

You don’t have to reach your goal in one big leap; you can rather concentrate on small steps, limit yourself in your effectiveness, absorb yourself completely in every phase of the process as if nothing else matters most and the job in your hand is your only goal. Jumping into the ‘WHOLE’ can be terrifying as you never know where you are going to land and when you act in a state of sheer apprehension or anxiety, the task actually cripples you. Devote your attention to small tasks and they will become simpler for you.

8. Being generous and compassionate towards your community

Helping others is an empathetic skill that helps you explore your skill and talents, feel connected towards others, strengthen your interpersonal relationships and provides you with the sense of moral obligation and importance of community values. A recent research shows community service amplifies your happiness and overshadows your depressing thoughts.

9. Training you brain to have a monk-like focus and determination

You must know where you lay your focus as it has the power to actually change your brain. Our minds are extremely busy in keeping records and filtering of several events throughout the day. As a result, we all get distracted by our internal disturbances at some point of time but you can set up your own environment to minimize or eliminate the distractions and stay focused. Check out your internal mental process and pinpoint the causes of interruptions, work on them and you can stop your brain from wandering when it needs to focus on one thing.

10. Having faith in your ability to accomplish anything you desire and deserve

We all have hidden capabilities which should be released to know our limitless self. It’s our shadow of doubt that hides the extraordinary potentiality that lies within and deflects us from our true self. People with extreme and extraordinary ability love to embark upon the ocean of possibilities and extract the gems inside instead of limiting themselves by anything. Nurture the thoughts that empower you with positive growth.

11. Loving other animals and creatures around you

Loving other creatures is just another way of getting in touch with nature for example feeding birds and squirrels, loving animals like cows, cats and dogs. They are never deceitful, dishonest, malicious or dishonest in their love for you and sometimes they prove themselves to be are more intelligent, loving and compassionate than we think of them.

12. Loving your life and shaping it in your way

You don’t have to go alone with the crowd or have to listen to anybody when ‘Free will’ is your greatest possession. It’s very difficult not to fall for some proposals when they are easily available but listening to others is a distraction that often takes you to the wrong direction. Practice self awareness, attain inner peace, and know yourself to be your own person to comprehend the power of free will.